About Mr Rabih Nabih Kerbaj:

Mr Rabih Nabih Kerbaj established mgi kica international in 1999. He is the founder , senior partner and managing director of the firm. Mr. Kerbaj is qualified in evaluating financial and accounting statement including internal control and supervision;formation company, taxation consultancy, offer advices, compliance, returns and interface with government bodies. Mr. Kerbaj focuses on developing administrative financial consultancy, feasibility studies, financial and administrative systems and providing accounting procedures for corporate, private and government bodies.Providing strategic planning, budgeting and projections, Mr. Kerbaj works on the setting up of infrastructures for companies, identification of defects in the existing systems,, proposing solutions and implementing them. In addition to the system development and human resource evaluation, he monitors the selection and implementation of computer software and hardware and the design of management information system, marketing studies and advertising consultancy applications.